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This is a community for teneraestnox to vent creatively! I like to make layouts and icons mostly, but you'll also see the occasional header and wallpaper lurking around as well. Please check the memories or the sidebar to see the stuff that I have already made.


Like any community, this place does have rules:

1. Don't steal. It's not cool. I love that you like my stuff, but I hate that you claim it as your own. Don't do it.
2. Do your best to credit. The layouts come with it and it isn't hard to credit an icon.
3. Comment! I like to know who takes my stuff, and it's a huge ego boost.. you know? I will most likely comment back saying thanks if it's a recent post.
4. That's about it, because I'm not anal, and I don't know what else to put here. Maybe one day I'll get really professional about it...

Really, I'm an easy going person. Just, please don't comment in my journal. I don't like to receive comments there about how much you love my layout and you want it. (It has happened).

Why TenderGraphics?

I thought I'd add this in so as to explain myself. It's not like my graphics are new and sensitive because they've been subjected to torture or something... It's just that my screen name, teneraestnox, means "tender is the night" in Latin. Thus... tendergraphics was born, because I'm about the most creative person on the planet.. *snorts*.. Right, sure. Anyhow, I hope that explains!



I have one non-graphic affiliate, because I am a member at twl_main and I have been working on their graphics. The Waste Land is an Harry Potter RPG set in Harry's 7th year. We still have people available, and it has only just started. You should check it out!

But hey, if you want to affiliate with me, just comment in any post and I will be sure to add you here!

Link Me

Show the love and put the code in the text box in your userinfo! =)

Let Me Ramble for a Bit

I know this is a small community right now, but I honestly dunno if I could handle a large one, lol! I just wanted a place for me to post stuff and have the occassional person comment and say they like what I make. Honest. Granted, if people suddenly start joining by the thousands, hoo boy!! I would be petrified of posting ever again... =P

See? I'm a super cool person. Feel free to join the community. You can't post here, I don't think... well, if you can it'll be moderated and sufficiently rejected. If you want to be my friend at my journal, well, ask me there, and give me a reason why! Lol, I'm pretty easy going about it, my journal is open to the public, because my life just isn't that cool to friends lock it!

Here are my Resources. The people there are just the ones I have stuff from, I don't necessarily use them all, mind. Check out their stuff, I'm sure it's super awesome!

Much love,

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